Energy by-products

EP Coal Trading a.s. is a member of the Association for Energy Products Utilization (ASVEP), engaged in utilization of energetics-related products in construction industry, preparation of technical condition for side energy products (SEP), while also contributing to preparation of background documents for the related legislation (technical conditions, national strategy and others).

Energy by-products are products resulting out of combustion of solid fuels or during the combustion gas purging process - electric power and heat generation. The related types of certified products include:

  • Ash (from traditional or fluid boilers)
  • Slag, cinder, bottom ash
  • Industrial gypsum
  • Stabilisation product

Application of energy by-products

  • Ash products are used in production of concrete, cellular concrete, bricks, cement, dry plaster and walling mixtures, in manufacture of artificial aggregates and ceramic goods, etc.
  • Slag is used for road earthwork embankments, backfills of support structures, backfills and shroudings of linear utility network structures (water supply lines, sewerage, gas lines) and as filler material in manufacture of clay brick products.
  • Industrial gypsum, as a raw material, is commonly used mainly in production of plasterboard slabs, gypsum, in manufacture of cement as a setting time regulator, as a hardening activator for cellular concrete and in manufacture of plaster blends.
  • The stabilisation production involves certified VEP blends and bonds used primarily to strengthen the base on surface roads and other linear structures, erection of dams, terrain moulding, land reclaiming etc.

In the area of SEP products, our company offers sales of dry and moistened SEP suitable for re-cultivation at selected locations of the Czech Republic. We also offer sales of SEP products within the Czech Republic and the European Union (in accordance with REACH). Delivery of these materials via car or freight train transport is a commonplace feature.

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