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EPCT - Trading in coal and other energy commodities

EP Coal Trading a.s. is the exclusive dealer of Polish coal from the underground mine, PG Silesia. We also sale the Czech energy and sized coal, brown coal briquettes, and pulverised brown coal dusts, which are produced with the aim of increasing the useful properties of brown or hard varieties of coal. In terms of fuel, another one of our primary goals is a personal approach to the needs of every one of our customers, in which we are able to guarantee fuel storage as well as processing according to specific requirements.

EP Coal Trading a.s. is also the exclusive dealer of lignite from the Mibrag mine in Germany. Our company is also a major subscriber of lime sorbents for flue gas desulphurisation and subsequent treatment of combustion Energy by-products.

In terms of energy by-products, our goal is the sales of fly ash and slag suitable for use in construction, and to seek additional utilisation options of these products. We can transport any of the listed commodities by truck or by railway using our own means of transport or through collaboration with prominent transport companies. Major supplier and transport company of energy by-products, EOP & HOKA s.r.o., is our subsidiary.


in energy commodities

  • PG Silesia
  • Russian and Polish hard coal for energy market
  • Russian and Polish hard coal for households
  • Brown coal for energy industry and market
  • Sorted brown coal
  • Lignite
  • Biomass and their products
  • Hard coal sludge
  • Coal shed

with byproducts

  • Byproducts
  • Certified Ashes according ČSN:EN 450:1
  • Slag for backfills and embankments
  • Agglomerate
  • Stabilizer
EPCT is the exclusive dealer of Polish coal from the newly opened underground mine PG Silesia.

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