• Optimal setup for transport of fuels from the source to the customer by taking advantage of all types of rail, - truck, water, or combined transport
  • Railway transport in Ea or Falls - wagons, or other types of - wagons
  • Transport of fuels, fly ash, gypsum, stabilisers or other energy by-products in cistern and dump trucks


  • Storage of select types of fuels in our own or our partners' storage facilities within the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland
  • Grading, mixing, pulverisation or other fuel processing according to the customer's requirements
  • Optimisation of fuel blending with respect to fuel efficiency and the subsequent production of waste and energy by-products


  • Trade in energy by-products, including arranging for various storage options
  • Trade in biomass
  • Trade in other energy commodities
  • Trade in sorbents (limestone, lime, and hydrated lime)


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