PG Silesia coal

is a mining company headquartered in the south of Poland. It operates the KWK Silesia black coal mine, located approximately 30 km away from the border with the Czech Republic. The geological reserves of the Silesia mine exceed 500 million tons of low-sulphur black coal.

PG Silesia took over the complete operations of the KWK Silesia mine in December 2010. The extraction activity at the mine was commenced in April 2012 with the overall investment of EPH in the mine exceeding, as of today, EUR 250,000,000. In addition to extraction of coal, the company further sells gas mine and provides solutions in the area of environmental deposition of energy minerals.

It produces sorted nut coal 1, nut coal 2, pea coal and coal dust with calorific values ranging between 18-25 GJ/t.

The quality parameters of the coal are given here:

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T +420 591 002 471