Brown coal dust

Brown coal dust is the final product of brown coal, which has been dried and then very finely milled. The purpose of the process is to remove the ballast water content in the fuel and produce a highly calorific fuel for further use. Mibrag mbH produces brown coal dust in Deuben, Saxony, Germany. The annual coal dust output is 65 tonnes per hour, 300,000 tonnes a year. In production, brown coal dust is stored in 4 silos, each with a volume of 1100 m3.

Its consistency is close to that of a liquid, achieving up to double calorific power values compared to regular coal. Thanks to its flow properties, it may be used with entirely integrated systems with a high degree of automation. As an energetically calorific and cost-efficient material, brown coal dust is an ideal fuel for cement and line processing and production technologies.

Other properties of coal dust:

It is characterised by a high calorific value, excellent ignitability, reactivity, it behaves well while being combusted; it has outstanding flow and fluidisation properties, similar to liquid or gaseous fuels. For certain technologies, it is used as an adequate replacement of fuel oil and heating oils.

Coal dust is transported in road cisterns subject to hazardous product transport regulations.


Basic parameters:

Heating power Qir [MJ/kg] 23
Original ash Ar [% wt.] 14
Total water Wt r [% wt.] 12
Total sulphur Std [% wt.] 3,5
Gran size [mm] 0,1
Bulk density [t/m3] 0,5


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