About us


  • We are a part of  EP ENERGY, one of the most prominent energy groups in the region
  • We are a financially strong and stable company with a proven history
  • We deal in solid fuel, particularly brown coal, hard coal, pulverised brown coal dust, briquettes, energy by-products, construction materials, lime sorbents, and others
  • Each year, we supply over 3 million tonnes of brown coal, arrange sales for over 2 million tonnes of hard coal, and over 600 thousand tonnes of other materials
  • We are the exclusive dealer for the - lignite production of MIBRAG for Central and Eastern Europe, and exclusive dealer for the sales of all PG SILESIA - hard coal mine products. 
  • In collaboration with the leading producer from the Kemerova region, we facilitate delivery and sales of Russian coal to Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia
  • We operate a continuous stock of all major types of coal in our very own storage facilities and in the storage facilities of our strategic partners
  • We have many years of experience with the fuel substitution for various combustion technologies
  • We provide individualised solutions for deliveries of fuel and additives for every one of our customers, which are aimed at improving the optimisation of expenses for the production of electric and thermal energy
  • We offer contractual guarantees of long-term fuel supplies for our customers
  • We provide fuel grading and processing according to the needs of our customers


T +420 591 002 471

E info@epresources.cz